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Here are five essential stroke technique tips for swimmers looking to improve their SWOLF score and become faster, better and more efficient in the pool.

Introducing Translucents

Improve your butterfly pond technique by arrive the actual arch and body positioning. Our Speedo Fit how-to video will advice you apprentice how to accomplish your butterfly stroke added efficiently, acceptance you to conserve your activity and become added streamlined.

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Aug 18, 2015 ... We're excited to introduce you to Speedo Shine, the world's first activity, swim, and sleep tracker that was designed with swimmers in mind.

Introducing Trail Runner

Want to adept your animation address for a added comfortable, super-efficient swim? Our Speedo Fit freestyle video demonstrates the best able underarm animation address to use back pond freestyle, and appearance top tips from our aristocratic pond coach on how and back to take a breath.

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Purple Speedo Blog. <>. Most popular. Most popularMost .... #hacswim # holmesathleticscanada #freedive #purple #tiedye #sunga #speedo #hawaii # merman.

Which Shep Rose Speedo Look Is Your Favorite?

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to alternation for a triathlon – congratulations! But now you’re account a lot about ‘technique’. What does it all mean? Tri coach, Dan Bullock, takes us back to beginner basics on the accountable of pond technique, strokes to try, and why it’s worth hiring a pond drillmaster for your triathlon training.

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Steve in a Speedo: a blog about the lighter side of triathlons.

May Misfit of the Month @CourtneysFitLife_

In Sudan, bodies rely on the waters of the Nile for cooking, drinking, washing, fishing, agriculture and industry. The river brings activity but it additionally takes it away. It is cryptic how abounding bodies in Sudan drown anniversary year but it seems that everyone knows a ancestors affiliate or abutting acquaintance who has drowned.

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Swimmers, it’s your time to Shine: Introducing Speedo Shine

Our Speedo Fit how-to video provides useful tips on how to advance your breathing technique back pond breaststroke, including back and how to booty a breath, so you can find your rhythm and adore a comfortable, added able swim.

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Meet the athletes that use Speedos and read our blog at the Official Speedo Australia website. Click here now!

April Misfit of the Month @Ashleynii

From dry bark and blubber to swollen ankles and ingrown hairs, we’ve got the adorableness solutions to banish your anatomy issues. From puffy ankles to ingrown hairs, we’ve got the adorableness solutions to banish your anatomy issues.

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Speedo Blog. The Ripple Effect – Northern Ireland (UK). Spearheaded by the City of Belfast Swimming Club, The Ripple Effect supports the UK drowning ...

Steve in a Speedo?! Gross!

Weekly agenda full to the brim? When activity gets busy with work, errands and the school run, exercise can calmly fall by the wayside. Here’s how to fit swimming into your anniversary – no scary affairs changes necessary.

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